Mexican Souvenirs

It’s hard to believe that in a few days, we’ll be coming up on a month of marriage. It’s even harder to believe that about 4 short weeks ago, Josh and I were lounging poolside in Mexico. What a sad thought.

Our honeymoon was amazing. The beach was beautiful, the room was gorgeous, and the service was amazing. Pretty much every detail fell into place and we both had a great time relaxing after the wedding.

We wanted to make absolutely sure that we brought back quality souvenirs of our trip that wouldn’t turn into clutter as soon as set foot into our apartment. So, with one suitcase each (and no intention of checking luggage on the flight), we set out to find worthwhile mementos.

On a walking trip down the streets of Cancun, we found a neat outdoor mall with awesome “Arts & Crafts” stores. Here we found a beautiful stone chess set and 3 hand-painted bowls. They look really gorgeous on our coffee table.

Not to brag, but I recently beat Josh in chess fair and square. So my skills are improving.
But one of the neatest (most cost effective) souvenirs we brought back was a little collection of glass soda and beer bottles. These bottles were available in the room (and included in the price) so after we drank them, we cleaned them out and packed them away. They bring a little bit of a hip-infusion to our newly painted, black bar-wall.

So, all together our souvenirs cost us just over $50.00 and I think we got a lot for our money. And as we approach the one-month mark, I’ll desperately miss the beach… and the view… and the drinks, but we still have cute and useful reminders of our awesome honeymoon.

What’s your favorite souvenir? Do you collect or go for something different with each trip? I want to know!


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