My Awesome Job

Around the end of May, I was lucky enough to snag an internship as an event assistant with a company called PeaPod. Marla, the master mind behind it all, took me in and is bent on educating about every part of the event industry and I couldn’t be more thankful.

This fall and the next year are going to bring a lot of awesome events that I will, amazingly, be involved with.

Some of the favorites right now are:

1. Project Husband. Lisa Linehan is one talented woman who has decided she wants to get married this coming February. All she has to do is find the groom. The PeaPod Group is signed up to be the event planners and designers for Lisa’s upcoming wedding. It’s awesome to see that Lisa is making things happen for herself!

2. The Knot Party. That’s right people. The Knot. I am so stoked about this party! It’s happening very soon this fall and it is going to be over the top. I’ll be sure to post a recap of this event on here.

3. General office awesome-ness. As an Marla’s assistant, it is my primary job to make her life easier and to make the office a more efficient and wonderful place to rock-it-out. I’m still getting initiated into the PeaPod Group work environment and I’m loving it so far.

So here’s to an awesome future with some amazing people!


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