Status Report

With 19 days to go would you even believe that I’m getting calmer? It just feels like things are falling into place. Thank heavens.

One of the biggest things was figuring out what we were going to be serving food wise. I know, I know, we’re cutting it pretty close. Last night Josh and I had a “wedding feast” for dinner. Just a mish-mash of the food we’d like to have and figuring out what we like. Our wedding is pretty late, so we will be having cocktail party-like food. I won’t reveal what it is yet, but I will say that dinner was a success.

Wedding programs having been a big debate lately, but today, I finalized the wording, design, and starting printing them. They are simple, sweet, and not that fancy but they definitely get the job done.

And, in order to get the programs done, we had to finalize our ceremony music. We were just looking for something to play while we did the unity candle and the signing of the marriage covenant. Josh ended up showing me “All Love Can Be” from the movie A Beautiful Mind (one of his favorites) and I loved it. Another thing checked off the list.

All-in-all things are going smoothly and, believe it or not, I’m becoming more and more confident about our little DIY wedding everyday. Now let’s just have it stay that way!


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