Steal-Worthy Ideas

The whole point of perusing the wedding blog-o-sphere is to find ideas to steal. Plain and simple.

Well, it goes without saying, that I have find quite a few things that were steal-worthy, including this genius idea from Ms. Fancy Pants. It used to be a huge trend to have disposable cameras at each table for guests to take pictures at the wedding and leave for you develop. It’s a great way to catch those fun cadid moments. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work for the way our wedding is set up. We don’t have assigned seating and not having pictures in digital form wouldn’t make me very happy.

Enter this tutorial. Business cards with information leading to a Flickr account to which all guests have access. This way, digital photos can be uploaded and shared with everyone who attended the wedding, and even those who couldn’t come.

So here is our version:

It took barely anytime at all at the cost for 100 business cards was $11.97 + $3.49 to have the address update put on the back. These are going to go inside the favor bags (homemade peppermint bark), so that people will already have them. A very creative and useful idea.

What ideas have you stolen from around the interwebs??


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