Creative Ideas for Covering Hideous Walls

Making the effort to keep our wedding costs down and the reception close to the adorable historic church we’re getting married in, I would definitely say we settled when it came to the reception site. And by settled, I really mean we said we would deal with the hideousness that is this site.

Allow me to paint the picture for you. First of all, it’s kind of a “U” shaped building which isn’t very conducive to big gatherings of people. Secondly, there are wetland murals painted on the windows… and doors… each and every frikking piece of glass has something atrocious on it.


To put it nicely, it ain’t pretty. So while I’ve done my fair share of bitching and moaning over the site, I’m starting to see it as a challenge. Yes, a month and a half away and I’m just now starting to see this. Awesome, huh? I have literally spent the last 2 hours brainstorming ways to make this pretty. Not glamorous or amazing, just pretty. Another thing you should note, is that we are getting married in a small town, with about 2 wedding resources. So that means no Pipe & Drape, no fake wall to be put up, nothing. Oh, bring it on.

We do have some advantages.

1. The reception will be in the evening, so there won’t be much sunlight to shine through the animal infested windows.
2. The site actually has good lighting. It can be dimmed to achieve our desired look. No harsh fluorescent lights.
3. I know my way around the creative blog-o-sphere.

Okay, it’s about to get crazy but stay with me. I’m thinking tulle and flower strands.

Tulle is the lightest fabric I can think of which means it can be hung easily and it doesn’t have to be hemmed. While it won’t completely mask the zoo on the windows, combined with the dimmed lighting it will provide a lot of coverage.

Then I thought that alternating strands of silk flowers (on fishing line so it looks like their floating) would be a great way to get more coverage and make a statement. Here are some inspiration pictures. It’s a little tough because there’s no common color scheme but it’s something.

Do you get it? Does it make any sense? Am I crazy? Maybe… Probably.


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