Bathroom Improvements

While the rest of the apartment is coming together nicely, both of our bathrooms have been severely neglected. Of course, they are the part of our home I spend the least amount of time in. But I finally decided to end it when bathroom items (still packed in boxes) were crowding and cluttering my favorite room… the bedroom. Not happening.

So, off to Target I went to find some storage solutions. I ended up buying two wall ledges for us to put our frequent flyer products on. I also picked up two small fabric crates, for us to put things in to leave the bathroom feeling more pulled together. I definitely think the new items vastly improve the “room”.
Here are some pictures: (Pardon the quality. Bathroom lighting clearly sucks.)

Mucho better. Our bathrooms will definitely evolve over time. When we registered for our wedding, bathroom stuff was high on the list. So, as those things come in, we will transition the current shower curtain and towels into the guest bathroom (which is completely barren).
A note about the shelves. If you’re thinking about getting something like these, be wary. I would not recommend them for holding anything heavier than what I have on them now. They are only supported by a bracket attached to the wall. There is no ‘internal’ support, which makes them a little shaky. They work well in this situation, but I wouldn’t use them for books or anything like that.

Another thing marked off the to-do list! And another project I did by myself! Installation and all!

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