Boys v. Girls

Yesterday, I was sitting in the office of which I work in and all of the girls in the office were working diligently chatting about the differences between guys and girls in relationships and what they want out of it. Some very interesting points came up.

For the guys, this had solved it all: “Dude, all chicks want is commitment. Babies, marriage, and the death of our masculinity” *high five (or rather, fist bump now)

Ladies, it was more like this: “Gee, I just can’t get him to say I love you. He never shares his feeeelings.” *sigh*

But from the discussion I had yesterday, I found that girls and guys take part of both stereotypes. My best friend Sarah and I are engaged and my boss, Chelsea, is newly married. From our side, we agreed that we liked/had guys who showed emotion and we didn’t have any second thoughts about our choice in when we’re getting married.

From the other side, Elia, Kelsey, & Cheney (Chelsea’s sister who was not a direct participant) are not interested in dating or being in a relationship at all. In fact, the guys they had dated recently were the clingy ones and it made them uncomfortable.

I just thought this was interesting because these gender stereotypes do not work. Every person is different and it just depends on what point they are at in their life for when they are ready for a relationship. Just food for thought.


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