So it seems that I am horrible at consistency. I have several projects floating around and occasionally I’ll pluck one of the clouds and decide I should work on it again. One day I’ll learn.

Regardless, things have been a little crazy around here. I feel like I was running around trying to do all of these things, not really paying attention, and then I stopped and realized how much I’m actually trying to take on. Of course, there is school, work, and home life but Josh and I have also got wedding planning and apartment hunting to do. All of these things are important, so it’s a little hard to prioritize.

Needless to say, wedding planning has definitely taken a back seat. A little over a week ago, I emailed the photographer we were looking into hiring to ask a few more questions before we decided to hire him… and he was booked. This was beyond frustrating because he was someone we knew of and he offered a really great deal for what we wanted. But no.

So after that, I pushed a lot of wedding stuff out of my mind out of sheer irritation until yesterday. I found and called another photographer who had our date open and told us what we wanted. Thankfully, he said he’d come up with something to fit our needs and we could look it over. As soon as I get that email and read through it, we’re going to have to make a quick decision and put down a deposit before something like that happens again. With less than six months to go, we don’t have too much time.

But now that one thing has (hopefully) gone right, I’m predicting a re-launch into wedding planning productivity!


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