Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I found my wedding shoes sometime before Christmas but I just haven’t posted about them yet. They could, quite possibly, be the most perfect shoes ever! They are even in my colors. The bestest best part about these shoes? The PRICE!!!!

Before I divulge that, I’ll share some pictures. Aren’t they cute??

Now, just so you know, wearing shoes like these (even for a short ceremony) ain’t gonna be easy, honey. I almost never wear heels, and if I do they are never this high. So what am I wearing right now as I sit at my desk? These shoes. My fiance is in the tub and, every night, I take that time to break in and practice walking around in these babies.

Okay, so how much did the perfect pair of shoes set me back??? Drum roll, please.


Oh, don’t worry I didn’t leave out any numbers! Two dollars and ninety eight cents. (!!!!!)They were on clearance and Charlotte Russe (an adorable store BTW). I even told the sales lady that I loved her. Don’t they just make you smile? Ahhh… 😀


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